Anadarko finds more gas offshore Colombia

Colombia’s Ecopetrol has informed that the Gorgon-1 exploratory well the Colombian Caribbean deep-water, showed presence of gas in zones with depths ranging between 3,675 and 4,415 meters below average sea level. The well is operated by Anadarko, a U.S. oil company.

The discovery proves gas presence on a structured located in the same geological trend of the Kronos field. Gorgon-1 is located 27 km away from the Purple Angel-1 well, which recently confirmed the extension of the gas Reservoir discovered with the Kronos-1 well in 2015.

The three successful wells confirm to Ecopetrol the existence of a gas-bearing province in this zone of the Colombian Caribbean, the company said.

Gorgon-1 is part of the Purple Angel block. This block borders the Fuerte Sur blocks (where Kronos 1 was discovered), Cl-5 and Fuerte Norte. Ecopetrol’s holding in these blocks is 50% and Anadarko is the operator, also holding 50%. The four blocks cover a total area of 14,900 square kilometers.

As reported by Anadarko, the operator, the well established a record for the country, as it crossed the greatest water layer in the history of offshore drilling of Colombia (2,316 m). Between 3,675 and 4,415 meter depth (more than 1.3 kilometers below the marine bed), net gas sand intervals were found, which add up to 80 and 110 meters (260 to 360 feet).

The confirmation of gas fields in the area opens the possibility for Colombia to develop a gas production specialized “cluster”, which would allow for sharing facilities and improving projects’ profitability and efficiency, Ecopetrol said.

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