Australia to Ban Supertrawlers

The Australian Government will move to ban supertrawlers from Australian waters, Senator Richard Colbeck, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture said.

Supertrawlers were defined by the Labor government  and environmental NGO’s as factory freezer vessels more than 130 metres, and such vessels will not be permitted to fish in Australian waters

“This Government will introduce regulations under the Fisheries Management Act to give effect to this decision,” Senator Colbeck said. “This decision will have policy effect immediately and brings into force the Prime Minister’s statement in March that supertrawlers will remain banned.”

The government said it acknowledged widespread community concern regarding the utilisation of these vessels to access the fishery.

While some of these fears have been generated by ill-founded anti-fishing campaigns by activist groups, the Government has consulted widely and accepts the legitimate concerns of many in the community, including those involved in recreational and commercial fishing,” Senator Colbeck said.

Image: Pierre Gleizes/Greenpeace

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