Barge Carrying Platforms for EnBW Baltic 2 OWF Sinks Off Darßer Ort

A barge that sank on Wednesday morning (August 13) off Darßer Ort in the Baltic Sea was carrying four working platforms for the EnBW Baltic 2 offshore wind farm, the company confirmed in an email statement. 

Photo:  EnBW (Illustration)
Photo: EnBW (Illustration)

“We are still examining the impact and we cannot make a statement yet,” EnBW’s spokeswoman said. She added that the platforms will be recovered when weather conditions allow.

The 35×11 meters large barge sprung a leak while being towed from Stralsund towards Kiel by Bösch tug, and sank almost four kilometers northwest of Darßer Ort. The cause of the damage remains unclear.

August 19, 2014; Image: EnBW (Illustration)