A&P North East Yards Buzzing with Activity, UK

A&P North East Yards Buzzing with Activity,

The month of January 2013 has again been a very busy month for A&P North East.

On the Tyne there have been a number of dockings / undockings:

  • Longstone (Andrew Weir Shipping) – undocked early January after an intensive 12 day programme overhauling the stern ramp, vent fans and sea valves. The ship sailed away on time on 4th January.
  • Beachy Head (Andrew Weir Shipping) – undocked 19th January after having the same work done as her sister ship Longstone.
  • Pride of York (P&O) – docked on 22nd January where she underwent her annual refit. She sailed on the 10th February.

The Tyne saw a couple of demobilisation projects for Technip Offshore Wind Limited in January on UR101 and AMT Discoverer. Both projects involved removal of cable carousels and associated equipment. They both successfully completed on time.

TOWL have now just stemmed another mobilisation on the Normand Progress. This is an intense 17 day programme which will commence on 8th March. There is a lot of pre-fabrication work to do before the vessel arrives’, which is currently underway. There is also an “A” Frame to put together, again before the vessel arrives. This is also in progress now.

Also stemmed is the MV European Seaway for P&O Ferries. The ship is due on the 17th February for 10 days.

The Tyne also mobilised the Polar Prince for Reef Subsea. This was a major upgrade to the deck system, which included the removal of its “A” Frame where it was extended by 2 metres and then re-installed. Again, another very successful project delivered on time.

In the Tyne fabrication facility, there are a number of contracts progressing. The down pipes for the Guala Lula project on behalf of Balltec is about 50% complete and on plan, the centre tower on behalf of Brastec is nearing completion.

At A&P Tees facility, January has seen a number of ships dry docked:

  • Union Pluto (Union Transport) – The vessel arrived on the 19th of January for extensive steel renewals to the Cargo Hold & Coaming linings approx. 40 tonnes of steel. During the contract additional steel renewals to Double Bottom tanks & Wing tanks frames. The vessel sailed on 1st Feb 2013.
  • Britannia Beaver (Britannia Aggregates) – The vessel arrived and entered dry dock No5 on the 22nd December 2012 to undergo repairs to dredge equipment & carryout steel repair to the hull.
  • Ocean Prince (Atlantic Offshore) – The vessel entered dry dock No5 on the 18th January, Repairs carried out to FiFi pumps, Aux Engines & Engine room Pipework. All work was completed within a 10 day period.
  • Milford Fisher (James Fisher Tankers) – arrived alongside on the 24th Jan to commence the replacement of a main engine crankshaft; the vessel then entered dry dock on the 02nd Feb for general dry docking & repairs. Once the docking is complete the crankshaft renewal work scope will continue at the west jetty.

Press Release, February 27, 2013