Canada: Hartland Pushes Anti-Flooding Preparation

Hartland Pushes Anti-Flooding Preparation

Hartland Council is planning to hold a meeting to discuss how to prevent flooding from happening again, reports

The Council will discuss different options, like dredging, levee construction, to prevent flood damage in the future.

The city council wants to initiate a conversation with the provincial government which announced an $8-million plan to relocate or flood-proof low-lying homes in Perth-Andover that were hit by the March flood, and expressed concerns about the current situation.

Perth-Andover is a Canadian village in Victoria County, New Brunswick.

The village is divided by the Saint John River with Perth on the east bank and Andover on the west bank; each was a separate community until municipal amalgamation in 1966. The record flood caused the village of 1,770 people to evacuate about one-third of the community. The flood level was roughly 1.5 metres higher than the last major flood in 1987, reports in an earlier statement.


Dredging Today Staff, December 6, 2012; Image: Eco Technologies

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