Canada: SSI to Present Its New DesignSync Product at Upcoming User Conferences

SSI to Present Its New DesignSync Product at Upcoming User Conferences

ShipConstructor Software Inc. (SSI) will be showcasing its new DesignSync product at its upcoming User Conferences this autumn. Attendees of the ShipConstructor EMEA and Americas User Conferences will be the first to get an in-depth overview of this exciting new product, what it is intended to do, how it will work, and the results that can be achieved, today, and in future releases.

DesignSync allows users of ShipConstructor’s CAD/CAM application to intelligently capture, reuse, change and then sync back portions of a design along with the associated production documentation. This has numerous practical applications including increased capabilities when working with sister ships, design tests, recovery from errors and for general reuse of design data to increase efficiency.

DesignSync starts by allowing what we call ‘intelligent capturing’,” says Denis Morais, Chief Technology Officer for SSI. “DesignSync is intelligent in that it involves more than just copying and pasting simple geometry; all of the complex relationships within a design are preserved as well. A significant additional benefit allows changes on the copied portion of the design to be synced back, automatically updating the original project.”

Engineers can select and then reuse various portions of a design complete with production documentation such as assembly drawings, arrangement drawings and isometrics while preserving all the associated linkages to other aspects of the ShipConstructor Marine Information Model (MIM) including stock and catalog information. Any modifications to the copies can then be ‘DesignSynced’ back into the original design with all the complex relationships intelligently updated.

Another efficiency promoting utilization of this product is the ability to reuse design data when modeling blocks (or any smaller units) that repeat. Additionally, DesignSync is a useful tool for recovering from human errors because it allows the creation of duplicate copies of sections of a project that can be synced back if later needed.

A further key point to note is that DesignSync continues to strengthen ShipConstructor’s core competency of making complex engineering software as intuitive as possible. DesignSync uses a familiar central interface and conveniently captures all the information into a single package; it doesn’t require the use of multiple different programs with varying interfaces, storing the data in multiple locations.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, August 13, 2012; Image: shipconstructor