Canada: Thousands of Birds Found Dead at Canaport LNG

Thousands of Birds Found Dead at Canaport LNG

Canaport LNG, owned by Repsol YPF, said that a significant number of small birds were killed on Friday at the LNG import terminal after flying through the terminal’s flare.

About 7,500 songbirds, possibly including some endangered species, were found dead at the terminal, according to local media reports.

Working with both the Atlantic Wildlife Institute and the NB Museum, the birds were collected and taken to ALERT for transportation, the company said in a statement.

A small number of injured birds were transported to the Atlantic Wildlife Institute.

The deceased birds were taken to the NB Museum for categorization and a representative sample will be sent to the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island to determine whether there were any underlying conditions or external factors that may have contributed to this incident, the company added.

LNG World News Staff, September 18, 2013; Image: Canaport LNG