Canada’s Ksi Lisims LNG submits environmental certificate application

Canada’s Ksi Lisims LNG has filed an application to the British Columbia (B.C.) Government for an environmental assessment certificate (EAC) after consultation, studies and analysis designed to identify and mitigate potential effects on a wide range of matters related to the project.

Archive; Courtesy of Ksi Lisims LNG

The filing is said to mark the conclusion of the proponent-led application development phase and the commencement of the Environmental Assessment Office-led (EAO-led) application review phase.

According to Ksi Lisims LNG, highlights from the project’s planning and design include:

  • A GHG management program, backstopped by a plan to be net zero by 2030;
  • An electric-drive facility design that reduces emissions by 90% compared to a typical LNG production facility and is ready for hydroelectric grid connection at startup;
  • A safe and remote site that minimizes wildlife impacts and protects traditional Indigenous and commercial harvests;
  • The selection of floating LNG technology substantially reduces land disturbance;
  • Offshore construction of the floating LNG reduces impacts on local infrastructure and services; and
  • On-site accommodations for construction and operations workers limit community impacts and pressures on regional housing.

Ksi Lisims LNG noted that the project development team will continue to engage with participating Indigenous nations, government agencies and citizens across B.C.’s northwest to ensure questions and concerns are being addressed and feedback is considered in project planning, adding that this filing commences a statutory 180-day period for review and comment by the technical advisory committee, participating Indigenous nations, regulatory agencies and the public.

Following receipt of those comments, Ksi Lisims said it will refile an amended, final application. Then, the B.C. EAO is set to follow a statutory 150-day period for consideration of the application after which a recommendation is expected regarding the issuance of an EAC.

To note, the Ksi Lisims LNG project is co-developed with the Nisga’a Nation and hosted on land owned in fee-simple by the Nisga’a Lisims Government. Once operational, it is estimated to produce 12 million tons of LNG per year.

It is expected to create thousands of direct and indirect jobs and provide substantial financial benefits to the Nisga’a Nation and to Indigenous nations across B.C.’s northwest.