Global Offshore Wind Summit - Japan 2022

  • November 9th until November 10th 2022
    • Akita City Cultural Creation Center
    • Senshumeitoku-machi 3-16, Akita, 010-0075
    • Japan
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Join us at the second Global Offshore Wind Summit in Japan (GOWS-J 2022)  on 9-10 November, organised by Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA) and GWEC at Akita Prefecture. This year we will be having 5 panel discussions, 6 keynote speeches and 27 specialised sessions. Some of the key discussion topics include identifying offshore wind business viability, looking into the future of floating offshore wind and enhancing social acceptance by local communities such as fishery and local supply chain companies.

Why Japan

In the 6th Strategic Energy plan announced in October 2021, the Government of Japan (GOJ) reviewed its energy policy progress in the decade after the incident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and increased the share of expected renewable energy installed capacity in 2030 by more than 10%. The total wind energy is expected to account for about 5% of the total electricity mix by 2030 with 17.9 GW of onshore wind and 5.7 GW of offshore wind.

In view of the latest international conflicts, energy security has once again hit the headline. This has challenged Japan’s position as a country that is heavily reliant on imported oil and gas. On the other hand, this has also strengthened Japan’s commitment to make offshore wind power one of the main energy sources and build a more reliable and self-sustainable energy system. 

Offshore wind development is now underway through five port areas and 12 general sea areas, including the areas that have been awarded through Round-1 tender last December. In addition, 10 other areas are in the preparatory stage. Japan’s offshore wind power has begun to move.

Interested to find out how the GOJ aims to develop the offshore wind industry with a focus to accelerate the deployment of floating offshore wind? 

Join us at GOWS-J 2022, meet high-level government officers, policy makers and sector experts to deepen your knowledge and establish your thought leadership, branding and visibility in the offshore wind sector.

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