Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum

  • April 20th until April 21st 2022

Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum | 20th – 21st April 2022

Virtual Event | Time Zone – CET

Offshore wind has enormous economic and environmental benefits. With a total output of about 65000 MW, it is expected to be worth $120 billion globally by 2030. This is one of our most crucial future markets, both in the short and long term. As the globe moves away from fossil fuels, our focus on innovation and integration in the energy industry will make renewable energy a prominent participant in a sustainable generation.

Operations and maintenance of offshore wind turbines play an important role in the development of offshore wind farms. Compared with operations, maintenance is a critical element in the levelized cost of energy, given the practical constraints imposed by offshore operations and the relatively high costs.

The Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum will bring together highly experienced operators with decades of specialized experience in offshore energy operations, as well as key stakeholders in the Offshore wind, Renewable energy, to share insights, network, and collaborate on the most pressing Offshore Wind O&M issues.

At the Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum, we’ll examine how industry participants may use the massive volumes of data generated by offshore wind farms to create cost-saving, efficient, and scalable offshore wind O&M procedures. Over the course of two days, specialists from all over the world will demonstrate the most reliable, accessible, and cost-effective Offshore wind technology design, operation, maintenance, and safety techniques and practices.

Join us to hear directly from offshore wind O&M experts about the latest technological innovations that will help the offshore wind power industry grow and develop. Learn from case studies that address the challenges of providing offshore wind turbine O&M services, as well as opportunities for cost savings and health and safety improvements. Learn how to harness the power of wind data analytics to uncover performance losses, reduce maintenance and increase revenue

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