Skill Session: How to be an innovator

  • October 27th until October 27th 2020

Tuesday 27 October, 12:45 to 14:45 – during the online Navingo Career Event


How to be an innovator – Online skill session for Young Professionals


by: Maritime Delta, RDM Next, NMT and Innovation Quarter


Digitization, Internet of Things, Robotization; economic and technological development is in full swing and the maritime sector is not lagging behind. What skills do you need to keep up? To prepare today’s maritime employees for the future, the Maritime Delta partnership is organizing the skill sessions together with RDM Next. During this hands-on online skill-session, we teach you the basics to be an innovator at any place in your organization.

So, are you working in the maritime sector and do you want to know how you can contribute as an innovation expert to the transition challenges that the sector is facing? If so this event is really something for you.

Why should you be an innovator?

Everybody is speaking of innovation being the key of curbing the upcoming crisis. Innovation is more than new technologies and start-ups, everybody can contribute by adopting innovations-skills. Anyone, in every position can have a key role. But, how do you innovate and where do you start? In this skill session you will start innovating yourself using real innovation-problems while being mentored by innovation professionals.


This session is organized by the Maritime Delta partnership in collaboration with RDM Next . Maritime Delta is a partnership of companies, governments and educational institutions in the maritime delta, the area from Maasvlakte 2 to Gorinchem and Werkendam. RDM Next helps companies to innovate faster and better. It is our mission to inspire, enable and activate all layers within companies.

Location and registration

The meeting will take place online on Tuesday 27 October from 12:45 to 14:45, during the online Navingo Career Event.

The number of places is limited, so only register if you are sure that you can participate.

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