Elcee B.V.

ELCEE has many years of experience in the Offshore Industry! We manufacture TriboTop® composite bearings, high alloy steel bearings, self-lubricating bronze bearings with graphite dots, Gunnebo Johnson’s Forgefab® sheaves and crane blocks. ELCEE supplied Gunnebo Johnson Forgefab® sheaves fitted with plain bearings for backhoe dredgers. A backhoe dredger is a common stationary type of dredger, that has a hydraulic excavator, which performs the dredging operation and is mounted on a pontoon, stabilized by spuds. These spuds are moved by Gunnebo Johnson Forgefab® sheaves, which are spin-hardened with a groove hardness of min. 45HRC, 2.5 mm deep all the way to the top of the groove. This process gives them superior live and makes them extremely suitable for off lead lifting in harsh environments. The sheaves are fitted with seawater-resistant bronze bearings with graphite dots, especially designed for the environments that puts higher demands on the equipment.