Hendrik Veder Group

Hendrik Veder Group (HVG) is a leading, Rotterdam-based company active in steel wire and fibre rope products and services. With sites in five European countries, an extensive distribution network and the largest production and test facilities in Europe, HVG is easily accessible and assures efficient communication. HVG partakes in many activities: production of single-laid, cable-laid and grommet slings; sales of steel wire and fibre ropes and other lifting/towing materials; related services, including proof load testing, inspection and installation.Hendrik Veder – HVG’s oldest founding company – started in 1800 with the production of shipping materials. The expertise gained over two centuries has proven beneficial in understanding our customers’ needs. HVG combines the array of technical knowledge and traditional skills from all consolidated companies. G. van der Lee, established in 1545, is the oldest family business in the Netherlands. Now an HVG subsidiary, the company produces and distributes high-quality fibre rope.