INTRAMAR® insurances

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Facing the complexity of energy contracts, Clients can rely on the specialists at INTRAMAR® to obtain tailor made advice and adequate insurance solutions.Particular with respect to requirements regarding Offshore Liability, including contractual liabilities, employers liability, products and professional liability, the experienced brokers will be at your service to respond with expert advice. Insurance certificates as proof of insurance are supplied to all Clients, stating the major insurance and contractual elements like Principals as co-Assureds, waiver of subrogation rights, etc.Further, for all kind of your precious (subsea) equipment, vessels, tools, etc. the INTRAMAR® team is able to arrange comprehensive cover within the timeframe required.Last but not least, INTRAMAR® will be happy to arrange cover for your personnel, hired staff, etc. as required for all specific working locations, including cover for medevac from offshore locations and cover for high risk areas. Insurance is a profession. Our profession.