Krommenhoek Metals b.v.

Stand 1.529

Krommenhoek Metals has long been a household name in Rotterdam when it comes to collecting and processing scrap iron and scrap metal. The company, which is now eighty years old, has adapted to all modern developments in a natural way. With an extensive, professional and modern service, Krommenhoek Metals can call itself the sole market leader in the area of metal recycling in the south-west of the Netherlands and throughout the Netherlands. Individuals, small independent companies and the business market can rely on use for a large number of services, including the collection and removal of scrap metal, a free scrap iron and scrap metal service, demolition, dismantling, advice and support for projects._x005F
What hasn’t changed over the years is the love for the job, the reliability and the relationship with the clients. These values can still be found at the company today.