Stand 1.329 - Dutch Marine Energy Centre

The small French company SolarinBlue, created in 2019 in Paris, France, has the ambition to promote a new technology – floating solar at sea– in order to participate at large scale to the global energy transition process. SolarInBlue acts as a designer of an innovative floater sup porting photovoltaic solar panels. SolarinBlue also conceives the architecture of solar farms positioned at sea, composed by these floaters, producing electricity for the benefit of coastal residents. In summary, SolarinBlue provides heliotropic floaters, with a better yield than onshore (+30%), and architectures of solar farms at sea, according to the sea and wind conditions encoun tered. This kind of solar farm can easily cover large surface (km2) through massive automation process. This power scalability is very interesting on the global energy market : with a huge available place at sea, its potential all around the world is considerable.