Veth Propulsion

Veth Propulsion is an international operating producer of thrusters and leader when it comes to innovation, quality and service. At the moment more than 3000 Veth-thrusters are being used all over the world. Veth Propulsion is for example the inventor of the Veth Z-Drive. Along the years various versions of the Veth Z-Drive turned out to be thé solution for numerous applications.Some other examples of Veth-products are the Veth-Jet bow thruster, the Veth Compact-Jet, the Veth Tunnel thruster and the Veth Steering grid. Apart from thrusters, which are developed in our own workshop, Veth Propulsion also has disposal of its own diesel department, where generator sets are built, using Scania and SisuDiesel engines.With the installations of Veth Propulsion you can count on reliability, service and outstanding craftsmanship.