Twin UltraJet waterjet systems for three Rescue Craft for Portuguese Navy

Twin UltraJet waterjet systems with triple station joystick control systems have been supplied by Ultra Dynamics for three 14.5m self-righting Rescue Craft being built by Arsenal Do Alfeite for the Portuguese Navy.

All of the craft will be in service this year with the Institution of Rescue in Portugal. Each feature twin UltraJet 376 waterjets absorbing 650hp (478 kW) from Scania DI1266M diesel engines. A service speed in the region of 30 knots is anticipated. Manoeuvrability of the craft is enhanced with Ultra’s twin lever and twin joystick control system.

The Portuguese Navy’s requirement was for high speed and high thrust, as well as having the ability to sustain self-righting manoeuvres over a range of operating conditions.

Other recent waterjet references include:-

Twin UltraJet 305 waterjets propel the first of a series of new 7.2m (23.5’) aluminium Oilfield Service Boats designed and built by Aluminium Chambered Boats of Bellingham, WA, heading for service with an international oil company. The vessel carries and deploys floating “booms” used to retain and control oil spills.

A single UtlraJet 305 installation for two new aluminium 8.85m (29’) research vessels built by Grovfjord Mek Verkstad of Norway. The vessels will tend offshore salmon farming facilities operated by Nordlaks AS. Propulsive power is provided by a single Iveco NEF370 diesel engine rated for 326 hp (243 kW) at 2800 rpm via a ZF220 transmission with 1:1 ratio. 27 Knots was achieved during sea trials at 5.5 tonnes (12,122 lb) plus fuel and crew.

Norsafe AS and Westplast AS, Norway, both reported exceptional bollard pull and low speed thrust using twin UltraJet 305HT waterjets coupled to twin Yanmar 340 hp 6LYA-STP engines. During North Sea sea trials speeds of over 30 knots with a displacement of 8 tonnes was comfortably achieved and a bollard pull of 2.8 tonne was recorded.

This UltraJet 305HT jet was developed to provide exceptional levels of static thrust and good towing capabilities whilst maintaining the capability of 35 knot planning speeds. The UltraJet 305HT is described as compact jet with a short inlet duct which is less susceptible to air entrapment. Performance studies and testing on a variety of vessels have confirmed an increase in bollard pull of 10% over the UltraJet 305 which is already regarded as providing exceptional speed and static thrust.

Ultra Dynamics are due to launch their new JetronicTM Intelligent Joystick control system and JetMasterTM Joystick, offering unparalleled manoeuvring power at a budget price.