Sky Petroleum Agrees on Second Mubarek Well Location

Sky Petroleum, Inc. (OTCBB: SKPI), an oil and gas company with a development project in the United Arab Emirates, is pleased to provide an update on the Mubarek Field Project.

Sky Petroleum and Crescent Petroleum Company International Limited (“Crescent”), the operator of the Mubarek Field, have agreed on a second well location to be drilled to the Ilam/Mishrif reservoir. The data from the first well, H2, allowed an up-to-date assessment of the factors affecting reservoir performance in this mature field which indicated that the proposed J3 location should be reconsidered. The second well will now be drilled on the northwest of the field proximal to the K1 location. Mubarek K1 was drilled as Thamama producer (a deeper gas condensate reservoir underlying the Ilam/Mishrif) and electric log readings over the Ilam/Mishrif section indicate good oil saturated reservoir. Sky Petroleum expects the drilling of the second well, for which funding has been paid, to commence during September 2006. Timing will be conditional on when the rig, which has been contracted, is released from its current drilling obligation.