Iran: South Pars Gas Output Reaches 7 Bcm in Month


Production of gas in the South Pars gas field hit 7 billion cubic meters in the first Iranian calendar month (ended on April 20, 2011), the production manager of the Pars Oil and Gas Company, Farrokh Alikhani announced.

He went on to say that, the amount was produced in 10 phases of the South Pars gas field and was injected to the cross-country gas network, IRIB quoted as saying here.

Referring to the fact that each phase of the gas field produces 25 million cubic meters of gas, he said that 40 percent of the country’s gas demand is produced in the south Pars gas field.

It’s worth mentioning that each phase of the field produces 40 thousands barrels of gas condensate per day.

The south Pars gas field is located in the Persian Gulf on border zone between Iran and Qatar.


Source: NIGC, May 24, 2011;