KM LNG Files NEB Application for 20-Year Licence to Export LNG from British Columbia, Canada

KM LNG Operating General Partnership, an affiliate of Apache Corporation, today announced that it has filed a licence application with the Canadian National Energy Board (NEB) for approval to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the planned Kitimat LNG Terminal  located at Bish Cove, British Columbia. The application requests permission to export up to 10 million metric tons of LNG per year for a period of 20 years. This quantity matches the two-phased capacity design of the Terminal.

“The exportation of LNG is an important step forward for the Canadian natural gas industry and offers substantial benefits to the province of British Columbia in particular,” said Janine McArdle, president of KM LNG. “The applied-for authorization will demonstrate Canadian LNG is a secure and reliable source of supply that can compete for market share in the Asia Pacific region.”

KM LNG is the operator of the Terminal. All LNG exported under the applied-for licence will be produced by KM LNG at the Terminal.

In November 2010, members of the Haisla Nation voted overwhelmingly in favour of approving a lease of reserve lands required for the construction and ongoing operation of the Terminal. Federal and provincial environmental authorizations for the initial design of the Terminal have also been obtained.


Source: Kitimat LNG Facility, December 10, 2010;