How to join the matchmaking programme?

When registering for our event, you get the option to opt-in for the matchmaking program. If you are an exhibitor, you will get this option when registering your stand personnel through the exhibitor portal.

Host or join a 1-on-1 meeting

You can now host a 1-on-1 meeting on any topic during Offshore Energy, physically in the matchmaking area during the exhibition. You can host meetings within the provided time slots, each meeting has a duration of max. 15 minutes. All we need is your subject and brief description about what and with whom you would like to meet.

Host a roundtable

Exhibitors of OEEC2023 get the option to host their own free roundtable. Discuss problems and opportunities with thought leaders from the industry. Choose your own topic you would like to discuss and invite the people you would like to have a discussion with.