Norway: Statoil to Retrofit Troll A and Kollsnes

Norway: Statoil to Retrofit Troll A and Kollsnes

PSA Norway has given approval to Statoil to conduct retrofits on Troll A and Kollsnes for installation of the Troll A 3 and 4 precompression project (TPC 34). 

The purpose of TPC 34 on Troll A is to maintain the maximum daily production of 120 Sm3 gas, an annual maximum production of 30 billion Sm3, and facilitate future gas production from the Troll Vest reservoir.

Furthermore, it is a major business consideration for the project to facilitate as high a production rate as possible from the Troll Øst gas reservoir within the platform’s life, which will end in 2063.

The following activities are scheduled for completion:

  •  Installation of a new compressor module, two compressors powered by electric motors and associated equipment.
  • Associated electric driver system with onshore power. A new rectifier station is under construction on Kollsnes with new DC cables from Kollsnes to Troll A. Rectifier equipment will be installed in a new module on Troll A and the compressor motors will be connected electrically to these systems.
  • A new electrical/instrument/telecommunication module will be built.
  • The existing D11 module, as well as some other systems that are no longer needed will be removed to make room for the new modules.
  • The two existing cranes will be replaced by new ones. Adjacent offshore modification work as well as tie-in and completion activities will take place after lift-in of the modules.
  • Hook-up on Kollsnes and installation of a new AC cable.
  • Upgrade of the existing gas manifold due to acoustic vibration problems

Implementation of the TPC 34 project on Troll A will generally take place with the platform in normal operation. This will entail a high degree of simultaneous operations, i.e. construction, testing and operation.

Troll is one of the largest oil fields on the Norwegian continental shelf. In 2002 the oil production was more than 400,000 barrels per day.

Statoil operates the Troll A, B and C platforms and the landfall pipelines, while Gassco is operator for the gas processing plant at Kollsnes on behalf of Gassled. Statoil is technical service provider for Kollsnes operations.

Offshore Energy Today Staff, January 31, 2012; Image: Ptil