Qatargas Presents at Flame Conference (The Netherlands)


Qatargas, the largest LNG producing company in the world, presented a key paper at the FLAME conference, which was held recently in Amsterdam.

Andrew Dyke, Qatargas’ Assistant Director for LNG Marketing Europe gave the audience, from the European LNG market, an insight, during the LNG Summit portion of the Conference, into how to better understand “42 Million tonnes of LNG per annum – Celebrating Qatargas’ Newly Completed & Unrivaled Export Capacity & Understanding where the diversions will enter the market”.

The FLAME conference is in its 17th year and is billed as Europe’s largest Natural Gas & LNG conference, offering an insight from some of the top industry leaders. It is primarliy focused on Europe.

He stated that: “There is not the slightest of doubt that Qatargas will remain a major supplier into Europe. However if the European market conditions are such that either gas supply is too abundant, or demand for gas and LNG does not require available supply, it is always possible that this LNG could go to other markets.

Europe is currently one of Qatargas’ largest customer markets accounting for approximately 45 per cent. Qatargas’ ability to change LNG supply to market conditions continues to work well; we are able to supply LNG to our customers who need it the most, which is an example of our flexibility to sign medium-term contracts.”

He added: “If the LNG market needs elsewhere are significantly stronger than in Europe, the optimisation (of supply) and medium to long-term diversions will continue.” he said. “If European buyers need firm long-term LNG contracts, the commercial terms must compete with long-term global marketing alternatives.

Qatargas has demonstrated its long-term commitment to the Euorpean market through large-scale investments in building capacity for energy diversity through a major infrastructure project at South Hook in UK and making safe and reliable deliveries through major European terminals.


Source: Qatargas, May 21, 2011;