Sanmina, Thales Provide New APAR System for Royal Danish Navy

Sanmina, Thales Provide New APAR System for Royal Danish Navy

Sanmina, a leading manufacturing and engineering solutions company making some of the world’s most complex and valuable optical, RF, electronic and mechanical products, and Thales, a major manufacturer and supplier of safety and mission-critical systems to the Defense, Aerospace and Transportation sections in Canada and internationally, have successfully delivered the 8th APAR (Active Phased Array Radar) system to the Royal Danish Navy.

We are proud to be part of the successful delivery of the latest generation APAR system, and to see our microwave design and custom manufacturing expertise being applied to Thales’ leading-edge T/R modules and Switch Matrix solutions,” said John Pokinko, Vice President of Design Engineering for the Optical and Microelectronics Division at Sanmina-SCI. “Our long-standing relationship with Thales, and the original investment by the Canadian government, have enabled the evolution of our expertise in radar T/R module technologies, with spinoffs supporting developments for the RF, microwave, optical and satellite communications markets. The recent engineering work focused on updating and enhancing the performance of the APAR system to remain a leading technological solution for the Royal Danish Navy.

APAR is the leading active electronically scanned array multifunction radar employed on an operational warship. APAR provides simultaneous functions of detection, tracking, search and missile guidance. The antenna consists of four static arrays, each of which is composed of more than 3,000 T/R modules that can sweep a beam 360 degrees, giving the radar equipment unique performance and operational functionality.

The long-standing relationship between Sanmina-SCI and Thales is exemplary of the Thales commitment to IRBs, and the industrial growth of the Canadian industry and its defense programs,” said Frank Biemans, Vice President of Surface Radar for Thales Netherlands. “Sanmina-SCI has been a committed Canadian partner of Thales, and their cutting-edge RF/Microwave T/R modules and subsystems design and production have ensured that APAR remains current in today’s fast changing military environment. We’ve been very pleased with Sanmina-SCI’s high level of technical expertise and capabilities to produce these complex, mission-critical products.

The technologies involved in the APAR radar systems continue to meet the needs of the Canadian Surface Combatant program and are a result of investments in AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) technology made by the Canadian government. Sanmina-SCI’s expertise in the design and manufacturing of advanced RF/Microwave solutions evolved from the government’s original participation in the Command and Control/Air Defense Replacement (CADRE) program that provided the foundation for Canadian companies, such as Sanmina-SCI, to develop the talent, tools and technical expertise to provide sophisticated solutions to the defense and aerospace market.

We are leveraging our experience and expanding our capabilities in advanced RF and microwave technologies with the aim to jointly develop next-generation APAR systems with Thales,” added Mr. Pokinko.Both R&D and manufacturing are done in Ontario, which helps meet the International Trade Administration (ITA) requirements. Our ongoing partnership with Thales will continue to bring economic benefits to Canada.”


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, May 11, 2012; Image: Thales