Santos GLNG Completes Concreting First Tank Roof, Australia

Santos GLNG Completes Concreting First Tank Roof

Crews have finished pouring the concrete roof for Santos GLNG’s more advanced liquefied natural gas (LNG) tank on Curtis Island, Gladstone.

It is one of two significant structures taking shape at the LNG plant, designed to store gas.

The second tank is being prepared for its first concrete pour in the coming weeks.

Each tank is designed with a concrete roof that sits atop a steel one, bringing the combined weight to 2,600 tonnes.

Construction at the product loading facility, where international tankers will berth to load LNG from 2015, is also progressing rapidly.

Four loading arms have been installed on the loading platform to transport the gas into the tankers so it can be shipped to market.

Soon the loading arms will be connected to the recently installed jetty modules and extensive insulated pipework will be connected from the island to the product loading facility.

A small marine flare tower has also been built on the foreshore of this area.

LNG World News Staff, November 08, 2013; Image: Santos