Shell’s LNG-powered OSV fleet expands

Oil company Shell on Tuesday marked the delivery of the third LNG powered Offshore Supply Vessel – the Harvey Liberty – in Port Fourchon, Louisiana.

According to Shell, the vessel, chartered from company Harvey Gulf International Marine, will join its sister ships, the ‘Harvey Energy’ and ‘Harvey Power’, and support Shell’s deep-water operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

“This is an important milestone for Shell and Harvey Gulf,” said Tahir Faruqui, Shell’s General Manager LNG North America. “The ‘Harvey Liberty’ highlights our efforts to grow LNG as a fuel in the transport sector, and is a welcome addition to our portfolio.”

Harvey Gulf International Marine’s CEO and Chairman, Shane Guidry, added: “Harvey Gulf is excited to share these historical maritime events with Shell. This represents another significant step in the path for Harvey Gulf to establish itself as a leader in utilizing LNG as a marine fuel.”

The ‘Harvey Liberty’ runs on 99% LNG fuel and can operate for up to 15 days before refuelling. The LNG powered vessels provide vessel owners an alternative fuel to meet sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions regulations in the North American Emission Control Area (ECA).

The ‘Harvey Liberty’ is 302 feet long and operates on three dual-fuel Wärtsilä engines. It will load from Harvey Gulf’s new LNG bunkering facility in Port Fourchon, Louisiana where it will support Shell’s platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, transporting supplies, equipment, and drilling fluids.