Statoil extends life of Tune field

Statoil has received consent from the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) Norway to continue to use facilities on the Tune field, located in the North Sea, until 2020.

Tune is a gas condensate field located around ten kilometres west of Oseberg in the northern part of the North Sea. Statoil is the field’s operator. Tune has been developed using a subsea solution tied back to Oseberg field centre. Production began in 2002. Tune Sør was subsequently developed using a subsea well, tied back to a well template on the main field.

According to the PSA, it has been established that there are grounds for extending operation of the field until around 2020. The PSA explains that the risers and pipelines had an original life of 12 years and Statoil has therefore applied for consent to use subsea facilities, pipelines and control cables at Tune and Tune Sør until 14 November 2020.

The PSA has now given Statoil the consent that the company applied for.