TenneT Links Veja Mate OWF to BorWin2 Grid Connection

Transmission system operator TenneT has connected the offshore wind farm Veja Mate to grid connection system BorWin2.

The connection between BorWin beta and Veja Mate’s substation is realized by two 11,4 km AC cables with a voltage of 155 kV.

BorWin2 consists of the converter station BorWin beta, where the alternating current (AC) of the connected wind farms is transformed into direct current (DC).

From BorWin beta the direct current flows via 125 kilometers of subsea cables and 75 kilometers of land cables to the converter station in Diele, where it is transformed in AC again and fed into the high voltage grid. BorWin2 has a capacity of 800 MW.

Wilfried Breuer, executive manager at TenneT said: “We had a very ambitious schedule, but thanks to the good team work between TenneT and Veja Mate and the continuous support and confidence which our shareholder in this project, Mitsubishi Corporation, placed in our project team we managed to connect Veja Mate’s substation to the grid in time.

“For TenneT this step marks the successful completion of Veja Mate’s connection to the grid. As Veja Mate’s turbines are still to be erected, the wind farm will use the grid connection in the construction phase to obtain power for their construction works from the grid.”

Lutz Falta, Veja Mate electrical package manager, said:  “Throughout the whole project, TenneT and Veja Mate managed to keep an atmosphere of good cooperation which helped both parties achieve their goals. Even in the most difficult situations, TenneT proved to be a solution and customer oriented provider to our satisfaction.”

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