Tokyo Gas completes Hitachi LNG terminal

Japan’s Tokyo Gas said on Friday it has completed construction of its Hitachi LNG terminal in Hitachi Port area marking the start of operations.

In addition, Tokyo Gas started using the Ibaraki-Tochigi Line, a newly constructed high-pressure gas pipeline, the company said in a statement.

Hitachi LNG terminal is the company’s first LNG terminal located outside Tokyo Bay. The LNG terminal is equipped with a 230,000-kilolitre LNG tank that can hold about 100,000-110,000 tonnes of chilled gas.

By completing Ibaraki-Tochigi pipeline, Tokyo Gas now owns “950km of  high-pressure pipeline network mainly around Tokyo metropolitan area”.

Tokyo Gas started with the construction of Hitachi LNG terminal and Ibaraki-Tochigi pipeline in 2012 in order to meet the future growth of gas demand.

The company added that it plans to build the second LNG storage tank at Hitachi terminal by fiscal year 2020.


Sodegaura LNG tank


In a separate statement on Friday, Tokyo Gas said it will construct a new LNG storage tank at its Sodegaura LNG terminal in Chiba Prefecture  on Tokyo Bay.

The new liquefied natural gas tank is expected to enter service by fiscal year 2023.


LNG World News Staff