Vryhof Introduces New Anchor

Dutch Vryhof Anchors has launched a new anchor, the STEVSHARK REX.

Leopoldo Bello, managing director of Vryhof Anchors said: “The STEVSHARK REX is intended for anchoring under challenging and hard ground conditions, anywhere in the world.”

The main goal of developing the STEVSHARK REX was to expand the suitability domain of drag embedment anchors in challenging geotechnical areas. One of those areas is the Arctic, with its hard soil conditions, subsea permafrost, complex gravelly soils and over-consolidated clays or tills.

Other difficult areas in terms of sub-seabed types include Australia and the United Arab Emirates, with their typical complex cemented soils of carbonite origin or calcarenite to calcilutite limestone rocks.

In 2016, the company tested the new anchor offshore at two oil fields with hard sub-seabed soil conditions.

A total of 15 tests were carried out at three locations.

Depending on the location, the holding power of the STEVSHARK REX proved to be 22% to 47% higher than the older STEVSHARK version.