Wartsila 50DF engine certified to operate on ethane gas

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Wärtsilä of Finland informed that its 50DF marine engine has been tested and certified to run on ethane (LEG) fuel.

The testing programme was carried out by Wärtsilä in close collaboration with Evergas, an owner and operator of seaborne petrochemical and liquid gas transport vessels.

The capability to efficiently burn ethane boil-off gas as engine fuel significantly reduces the need of gas re-liquefaction during the voyage. This means that less power is needed for the cargo handling, thus providing a more efficient and environmentally sound overall system, Wärtsilä said in a statement.

The engines have the capability to seamlessly switch between liquid natural gas (LNG), ethane (LEG), liquid fuel oil (LFO) or heavy fuel oil (HFO) without the need for any modifications to hardware and with uninterrupted operation, thereby setting a new standard in fuel flexibility, according to the statement.


Image: Wärtsilä


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