Advertorial: Modular work platform solution for offshore maintenance

Photo by Guus J. Baks

SkyDeck Europe

Last week during a gathering of various (offshore) industry professionals, SkyDeck Europe presented their system called QuikDeck, a modular suspended work access platform with a load capacity up to 360 kilograms per square meter. Initially designed for bridge renovations the QuikDeck has quickly become a useful tool within the offshore industry.

SkyDeck Europe has the exclusive distribution rights of the product, designed and produced by the American Safway Group LLC. Safway offers solutions for among others access and scaffolding ,serving various industries such as the petrochemical, oil and gas, power, refining, marine, manufacturing, transportation and commercial construction industries.

Jerry Dolly, Director Product and Service Management Bridge Division & QuikDeck explained: “Around five years ago we decided to explore new markets. Our customers deal with diverse challenges. Between 20 to 30 meters off the ground we advise standard scaffolding, built from the ground up, any higher than that, or of course over water, we advise a hanging structure: the QuikDeck. The QuikDeck can carry a great deal of weight even allowing standard scaffolding to be installed to allow for painting the sides of the structure.”

Most recently the QuikDeck was used for the Shell/NAM production platforms K14a and L13c. For the K14a platform the QuikDeck was used to conserve the vent bridge requiring 77 by 5 meters of work platform. The job was done in July and August of 2016, Ronald Hakenberg, Maintenance Supervisor of ONEgas was on hand to offer his experience of the project, he said: “Though the QuikDeck was initially a slightly more expensive option, truthfully not by much, ONEgas decided to go ahead and were eventually able to finish the job earlier than planned, which resulted in a cost save. Currently the QuikDeck is also being used on the L13c platform, where work was started in October 2016 and continues to this day. Advantages are that the QuikDeck offers a stable working environment which is easy to install and can be leapfrogged and relocated as work progresses which makes it adaptable to all kind of circumstances, i.e. various structures and also weather conditions .”

As Ronny van Baal, Director of SkyDeck Europe explained the QuikDeck, that once installed, can be handled by just one person . During installation a team of three to five QuikDeck people is advised. This is unique in comparison to traditional scaffolding where experts are required during assembly and dismantling. The QuikDeck also requires no special tools to be assembled. Assembly can be done in the air or on the ground, from where it can be hoisted into position. A 20 foot container can hold 400 square meters of work platform and a standard element consists of just six different components with the heaviest component weighing 20 kilograms.

SkyDeck Europe is a sister company of Sky Access which offers rope access possibilities. Within SkyDeck Europe the QuikDeck can be hired or purchased. The knowledge within Sky Access can offer rope-access installation of the QuikDeck.

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