Kinsale Alpha; Source: PSE Kinsale Energy

AGR begins decommissioning work on Kinsale field off Ireland

Energy services company AGR has begun decommissioning work on Ireland’s first indigenous gas wells on PSE Kinsale Energy’s gas fields in the Celtic Sea.

Kinsale Alpha; Source: PSE Kinsale Energy

In July, PSE Kinsale Energy ceased gas production from the Kinsale area gas fields in the Celtic Sea after 42 years of production which meant that decommissioning could begin.

The company, a Petronas subsidiary since 2009, announced back in April 2018 that the gas reserves from the field were depleting.

AGR said that its Aberdeen-based team was overseeing the planning and decommissioning of 14 platform wells and 10 subsea wells during the two-phase well decommissioning campaign.

Andrew Stannard; Source: AGR
Andrew Stannard; Source: AGR

Andrew Stannard, chief operating officer at AGR, stated: “Following the planning stages we have now commenced offshore operations on the Kinsale Alpha platform and are preparing to commence operations on the nearby Kinsale Bravo platform in the coming months.

We are delighted to be partnering with PSE Kinsale Energy on this project and will draw on our extensive experience of managing more than 540 well campaigns to ensure the project is successfully and safely completed”.

According to the company, the mobilisation of equipment and personnel to the Kinsale Alpha was completed without issue and the project is progressing well and to schedule despite the challenges of Covid-19.

AGR added that Phase 1 of the operations on the Alpha platform has been completed. The company is now preparing for Phase 2 and started mobilisation of the hydraulic workover unit (HWU) and associated equipment and services which will be used to permanently plug the wells.

AGR was awarded the contract for well decommissioning services for the Kinsale Area in 2018. The scope of work includes planning, engineering, regulatory approvals, supply chain, logistics and management, and supervision of offshore operations.

Fergal Murphy, CEO of PSE Kinsale Energy, added: “The Kinsale area gas fields have reached the end of their productive life which marks a very significant milestone in the history of gas exploration and production in Ireland.

As we move into the final chapter of the fields’ life, we have a responsibility to ensure the wells and infrastructure are decommissioned to the highest safety and environmental standards”.

The platform well decommissioning campaign is expected to be complete by mid-2021. The Stena Spey semi-submersible is expected to be mobilised to the Celtic Sea in April 2021 for the subsea well decommissioning scope.

AGR is responsible for managing the abandonment design, supply chain, regulatory compliance, planning, and execution of the well decommissioning element of the overall programme.