AGR Targets Australian Market with Materials Management Software for Oil and Gas

AGR Targets Australian Market with Materials Management Software for Oil and Gas

Global oil and gas service and technology provider AGR has launched a new logistics and materials management software programme for the oil and gas industry and has its sights set on the Australian market.

The new software looks set to revolutionise logistics planning for the oil and gas industry by streamlining what previously required multiple packages from a number of software providers.

Created by the company’s in-house software division, AGR Software Solutions the M²™ programme represents half million pounds of investment by AGR and was originally designed to service the relocation of over 11,000 tonnes of equipment from Aberdeen Harbour to the Falkland Islands.

The execution of this work, which provided equipment for the AGR managed drilling campaign on the Ocean Guardian in 2010/11, received industry-wide acclaim and was recognised as the largest successful logistics job in the sector to date.

Director of AGR Software Solutions, Chris Ferrier, said: “Continually tracking the movement of equipment is no small task but M²™ puts the user in total control by offering a fully integrated system – something that is not currently available elsewhere in the Australian marketplace.

“Government legistlation in the region states that logistics and materials managment packages must meet a strict set of specifications. There has only been one major player in the Australian materials management sector for the last 10 years – we believe that the market is now ready for change and plan to make the most of this opportunity.

“M²™ provides users with a simplified and more streamlined materials management system, which helps prevent loss and reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple packages bolted together from a range of different service providers.

“By developing this software in-house we were able to capitalise on our team’s vast expertise in materials management operations. We believe that it is important to be an ambassador for your own product and M²™ has been used internally by AGR for the last two years. Our logistics team in Aberdeen has used the software on several large, complicated projects.”

Materials and Logistics Manager at AGR, Lyanna James, said: “We wanted to create an end-product that actually does what it says it can do – provide customers with a fully auditable, seamless trail of equipment from the point of selection, through the supply chain to its eventual return and with M²™ we believe we have achieved this.”

AGR is currently targeting markets across North and South America, AsiaPac and Europe.

Press Release, December 14, 2012