Apply Leirvik assembles Edvard Grieg LQ. Next up, a helideck

 Norway’s Apply Leirvik has connected the top part of the Edvard Grieg living quarter with the lower part.

Apply Leirvik assembles Edvard Grieg LQ. Next up, a helideck

The living quarter of Lundin’s new Edvard Grieg Platform (formerly Luno), is now standing in full size,excluding the helideck, on the Apply Leirvik quay with its approximate weight of 1200 tonnes and about 25 meters in height.

The assembly operation went smoothly in good weather conditions. What remains now is to assemble the helideck and make the living quarter complete before sail-away to Kvaerner Stord.

Under the contract with Kvaerner Stord, signed in May 2012, Apply will deliver a new 7 floor Living Quarters Module with an area of 2600 m² and a capacity of 100 single cabins, administration centre, central control room and all other facilities required for operation of an offshore hotel.BF8E9760E09BBFB1D8B333B8EBAFE82C

The Living Quarters and Helideck are constructed in aluminium. Low weight, minimum maintenance in operation and environmental friendliness were the most important criteria when Lundin made their decision to use aluminium.

First production in 2015

The Edvard Grieg field is an oil field located in the North Sea. First production is expected in late 2015, with a forecast gross peak production of approximately 90 000 barrels of oil per day (bopd). The oil will be processed and transported in a new pipeline to the Grane area and further via the Grane oil pipeline to the Sture terminal for offloading.

The capital cost of the Edvard Grieg development including platform, pipelines and production wells is estimated at USD 4 billion. The Edvard Grieg platform design capacity will accommodate in excess of 160,000 boepd (130,000 bopd and 4 million Sm3 gas per day) when Draupne production is combined with that from the Edvard Grieg field.

Offshore Energy Today Staff, March 20, 2014
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