Aqualis Offshore completes topside floatover for Bahrain project

Marine and offshore engineering consultancy Aqualis Offshore has completed the floatover installation of the REGAS topside offshore Bahrain as part of the Bahrain LNG Import Terminal.

Source: Aqualis Offshore
Source: Aqualis Offshore

Aqualis Offshore said on Tuesday that the 7,000 tonnes topside was successfully mated with the 1,800 tonnes steel jacket in 17 meters water depth, four kilometers offshore Bahrain with operation by APMC.

The company was contracted by GS E&C to provide engineering and supervision services related to the loadout, transport, and floatover of the topside. Aqualis managed the floatover operation out of its Singapore office.

The topside was fabricated in Thailand and loaded out onto the Giant 5 barge prior to loading the barge onto the Zhenhua 15 semi-submersible vessel for ‘piggyback’ transport to Bahrain. The topside installation was completed following the barge offload in Bahrain.

Phil Lenox, director of Asia Pacific at Aqualis Offshore, said: “The loadout, piggyback transport, and floatover went exactly as planned and to project schedule. Having first managed the jacket loadout in South Korea, transport to Bahrain and installation and now the topside loadout, transport, and floatover operations, it has been great to be involved in the entire project.”

Aqualis Offshore also engineered and managed the jacket installation in May 2018. The Wish Way heavy lift vessel was utilized to transport the jacket from SKMT (Samkang M&T) in Goseong Yard, South Korea to its destination at its final location offshore Bahrain.

Source: Aqualis Offshore