Akuo and Sabella Ink PHARES Pact

French companies Akuo Energy and Sabella have signed a co-development agreement for the PHARES project aimed towards energy autonomy of the Ushant Island.

Photo: Sabella

PHARES (Progressive Hybrid Architecture for Renewable Energy Solutions in islands) project, led by Akuo will see the deployment of a pilot tidal farm as part of a multi-energy project for the benefit of Ushant Island.

Namely, this project will see the construction and implementation of a hybrid insular energy model combining three different sources of renewable energy: two tidal turbines Sabella D12 of 500 kW each; one wind turbine of 0.9 MW; a photovoltaic installation of 500 kW; an energy storage system provided by EDF SEI.

These installations should bring the renewable energy ratio up to 80% to the energy mix of the island.

Sabella has recently retrieved its D10-1000 turbine in the Fromveur Passage for a short maintenance operation. The turbine will be redeployed on its foundation and connected to Ushant Island grid at the beginning of the summer, for operation until 2021 and the commissioning of the PHARES project.