Avalon Dredging About to Begin

The Borough of Avalon has just announced that it will conduct a public safety initiative following Memorial Day weekend by dredging the navigation waterway behind Bay Park Marina.

The work is expected to take less than one week to finish and will result in the marina operations being suspended during that period.

Avalon has received verbal approval of a permit modification from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection that will allow material in the waterway to be mechanically removed with a barge-mounted excavator and placed on the boat launch ramp and in a portion of the parking lot for proper dewatering.

The material will then be loaded onto trucks for removal to an offshore location. During this work, the boat launch ramp at the marina will be closed and boats will largely be unable to leave the marina due to safety concerns.

The Avalon Borough Council has awarded a change order to the dredging contract held by Mobile Dredging and Pumping Co. of Chester, Pennsylvania. The navigation channel behind the marina is severely clogged with sediment, making it hazardous and at times impossible for boats to navigate during low tide.

This dredging operation will make it safer for boaters to exit and enter the marina this year, and comes in advance of a full dredging operation throughout the marina in the fall of this year.

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