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Canada issues new environmental measures for cruise ships

Canada has outlined new environmental measures to strengthen the country’s discharge requirements for cruise ships operating in waters under Canadian jurisdiction during the 2022 cruise season.

In cooperation with the industry, Transport Canada has issued Ship Safety Bulletin No.: 10/2022 which applies to the authorized representatives of cruise ships certified to carry more than 100 people and equipped with overnight accommodations.

According to the government body, these measures will help restore marine habitats, further protect Canadian waters, and set the foundation for a regulatory posture in 2023.

The new non-mandatory environmental measures include:

  • Prohibiting the discharge of greywater and sewage within three nautical miles from shore where geographically possible;
  • Treating greywater together with sewage before it is discharged between three and twelve nautical miles from shore to the greatest extent possible;   
  • Strengthening the treatment of sewage between three and twelve nautical miles from shore using an approved treatment device.

As informed, the authorized representative of a cruise ship operating in waters under Canadian jurisdiction must also provide periodic reports outlining their compliance to Transport Canada.

Due dates for the submission of reports are set for 5 June, 5 August, 5 October and 5 December 2022.

Meanwhile, four Canadian ports and a terminal signed up for North America’s voluntary environmental certification program for the maritime industry, Green Marine.

To achieve Green Marine certification, the ports and terminal will assess their environmental performance through indicators that address such issues as greenhouse gases, underwater noise, spill prevention, harmonization of uses, community relations, waste management and environmental leadership.

Canada is also looking into opportunities to establish a green shipping corridor with the members of the Chamber of Marine Commerce (CMC) exploring the potential for a multi-stakeholder initiative to establish one in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence waterway.

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