Cellulose Aeration Lagoon Dredging VIDEO

Watermaster has just released this amazing video from the recently completed Cellulose Aeration Lagoon Dredging Project in Chile.

Under the scheme, a pulp mill development and expansion project required the removal of more than 120,000m³ of organic sludge from an aeration lagoon of the effluent plant.

The mud had to be captured in geo-synthetic tubes, and the filtered water had to be recovered for reuse.

Due to the large volume of the sludge, the shallowness of the aeration lagoon, as well as the discharge distance to the solid and liquid separation field, it was chosen to use the Watermaster dredger for the project.

The dredging was done in continuous 24-hour shifts over the course of three months. More than 1,500 meters of 250 mm diameter HDPE pipe were installed to transport the sludge, and the same amount of pipe for the return of the filtered water.

To achieve an adequate separation of solids and liquids, a dosage of polymer was added to the dredged sludge. 45 geo-synthetic tubes were used for the dewatering of the sludge.

The project was successfully completed under the schedule.