CGN’s new hybrid ships to feature Leclanché battery storage systems

Switzerland-based energy storage company Leclanché has won a contract to provide battery energy storage systems for two hybrid ships ordered by compatriot Compagnie Générale de Navigation sur le Léman (CGN SA).

Illustration. Image by Leclanche

Leclanché was selected by Swiss shipbuilding company Shiptec AG and Siemens Energy SRL, Milan, for the project.

The two ships, each with a capacity of 700 passengers, will replace existing diesel-powered vessels and will be used to transport passengers between Switzerland and France with projected completion dates of 2022 and 2023.

Leclanché’s Marine Rack System, powered by the company’s proprietary lithium-ion cell batteries, was developed especially for the maritime industry. It reduces the ships’ consumption of fossil fuels by 40 per cent and offers ease of use and operation, according to the company.

“The order enables Leclanché to make a significant contribution to the fight against global warming in its home region, where it designs and assembles its … energy storage systems. It also strengthens its position … in the electrification of the global maritime industry,” Leclanché said.

Specifically, the battery systems supplied by Leclanché use high-energy G-NMC lithium-ion cells with unique safety features, including a bi-cellular laminate design and ceramic separators. The company specifically designs and manufactures systems certified for use in the aquatic environment, including fire prevention and extinguishing systems. The project has received the DNV-GL Type Approval Certificate and the DNV-GL Product Certificate.