China: Yuexin Shipyard Delivers AHTS Vessel FOSTER TIDE

Yuexin Shipyard Delivers AHTS Vessel FOSTER TIDE

On May 7th 2012, a 69.9m AHTS vessel FOSTER TIDE (Hull YX3136) built by Yuexin Ocean Engineering Co. for Tidewater Marine has been delivered successfully. FOSTER TIDE is the third 69.9m AHTS that Yuexin has delivered to Tidewater.

Applying the design of FOCAL MARINE & OFFSHORE CORP LTD, YX3136 measures 69.9m in length with a mouded breath of 16.6m and the moulded draft of 4.5m. It is the first vessel with the classification character of UWILD. With Complement of 40 men, it can carry 760m3 of fuel oil, 1450m3 of drill water, 550m3 of portable water, 410m3 of mud, 250m3 of dry cement and 140m3 of seawater. What’s more, the 450m2 clear deck area provides ample space for working. The vessel was built strictly based on the requirements of owner, classification society and IMO, separating water tanks and oil tanks with double hull protected to reduce pollution to the environment.

FOSTER TIDE is equipped with twin GE main engines each rated 3057 kw at 1050 rpm, driving twin Berg controllable pitch propellers via Twin Disc gearboxes. Equipped with DP2 system, the triple Kawasaki thrusters deliver thrust and maneuverability to the vessel. The speed reaches 14.14 knots while the average bollard pull reaches 105.56 tons.

Tidewater is the world’s largest and most experienced provider of marine support services for the offshore energy industry with the largest and newest vessel fleet.  FOSTER TIDE is the third 69.9m AHTS Yuexin delivered to Tidewater. The previous two YX3133/35 were delivered in 2011 and the fourth one YX3137 is planned to be delivered in June this year.


Source: yuexinship, May 17, 2012