Illustration; Source: CNOOC

CNOOC brings online China’s ‘largest’ offshore oilfield secondary development and adjustment project

China’s oil and gas giant CNOOC Limited has kicked off production from an oilfield secondary adjustment and development project, which is located in Liaodong Bay of Bohai Sea. This is said to be the “largest” secondary development and adjustment project offshore China.

Illustration; Source: CNOOC

In an average water depth of approximately 30 meters, CNOOC’s Suizhong 36-1/Luda 5-2 oilfield secondary adjustment and development project has started production, with the main production facilities including two new central processing platforms and two new wellhead ones.

According to the Chinese player, 118 development wells are planned for the project, covering 81 production wells and 37 water injection wells, with peak production of around 30,300 barrels of crude oil per day expected to be achieved in 2025. CNOOC Limited holds 100% interest in this project and acts as the operator.

“Guided by the concept of region-wide development, the project has set a good example for the sustainable development of offshore producing oil and gas fields. Besides, it is developed relying on onshore power supply, which enables the project to consume green electricity generated onshore, thus steadily promoting the green and low-carbon development of offshore oil and gas resources,” highlighted the company.

This project is in line with CNOOC’s business strategy and development plan for 2024, which aims to ramp up oil and gas production, fortify the firm’s hydrocarbon reserves, and step up natural gas exploration activities while advancing the company’s energy transition agenda to low-carbon and renewable energy through the integrated development of green sources, such as offshore wind, and oil and gas business.

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At the start of January 2024, CNOOC also began production from an oilfields Phase II development project in the South China Sea.