Coastal Strikes Oil at Bua Ban North B Well, Offshore Thailand


Coastal Energy Company the successful results of the Bua Ban North B-01 exploration well.

The Bua Ban North B-01 well was drilled to 7,960 feet TVD and encountered 28 feet of net pay in the Upper Oligocene with 23% average porosity and 29 feet of net pay in the Lower Oligocene with 16% average porosity. Net pay estimates are based on log analysis, shows and MDT analysis; the well has not been flow tested. The Company estimates that this fault block contains a total of 13 million barrels of oil in place across these two intervals.

The B-01 well also encountered good oil shows in three zones in the Miocene; however, this interval was not targeted in this well and the Miocene was not encountered in an optimal structural position. There was also an oil show in the Eocene interval.

The Company has spudded the Bua Ban North B-02 well, which will test two Miocene intervals in an optimal structural position. The B-02 well will also test Oligocene and Eocene targets. Although high gas readings were encountered throughout the Eocene and an oil show was observed, the top of the Eocene reservoir was penetrated at 7170 feet, below our interpreted threshold for development of reservoir quality sands.

Randy Bartley, Chief Executive Officer of Coastal Energy, commented:

“The B-01 well delivered positive results for the Bua Ban North B prospect. We saw good oil shows throughout all of our targeted intervals which support further drilling to test the Miocene and Eocene intervals at this location. The shallow shows continue to support the potential for shallower Miocene and Upper Oligocene targets along the entire western margin of the Songkhla basin. The Eocene interval is predicted to be of reservoir quality at 6,500 feet and shallower; it was encountered in this well at 7,170 feet. We plan to test Eocene targets further up the terrace at shallower depths.

“The drilling results from Bua Ban North continue to be positive. We also remain on target to begin production testing of the multiple discoveries at Bua Ban North A in mid-May.”


Source:Coastal, April 29,2011;