Creating long-term solutions for dredge material management

The USACE Buffalo District is building a beneficial use of dredged material placement area to handle about 400,000 cubic yards of dredged material off the Ashtabula Harbor East Breakwater.


“We’re placing 1,500 linear feet of stone to create a long-term solution to dredged material management, which will also help restore and create natural habitat for aquatic life, as well as support jobs and improve the quality of life for Ashtabula residents,” said USACE.

“This project is being conducted in close coordination with the Ashtabula City Port Authority, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.”

USACE photo

Without the strong partnership this long-term solution to dredged material management would not be possible, USACE added.

The beneficial use of dredged material project at Ashtabula is being conducted under the Corps of Engineers Continuing Authority Program Section 204 authority and is cost shared 65% federal and 35% non-federal.

When the decade-long project is completed, it will create approximately 16.5 acres of pristine wetland habitat.