Darwin LNG flares boil-off

Darwin LNG flares boil-off

Darwin LNG said that flaring occurred between Monday 28 July and Tuesday 29 July at the Darwin LNG terminal as part of operations of the Wickham Point facility in Darwin, Northern Territory.

The marine flare located at the Darwin LNG Jetty flared ‘boil-off’ from the Darwin LNG tank as part of planned maintenance to the plant.

Boil-off is LNG that is evaporating slowly in the LNG tank as it warms up.

This flaring activity is covered by provisions within the Darwin LNG Environment Protection Licence (EPL 54-05).

On one past occasion, flaring activity at Darwin LNG (in conjunction with certain cloud patterns) has changed the colour of the Darwin sky to a bright orange. The flame was visible at night, and was located at the end of the jetty.

Press Release, July 29, 2014; Image: Darwin Port

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