Photo: Image source: Dragflow

Dragflow Pumps on Moungo River in Cameroon

Image source: Dragflow

One of the biggest sand quarries on the Moungo River in Cameroon is now relying on Dragflow pumps for their sand extraction.

The Moungo river in Cameroon has always been known for having the best quality sand for construction purposes around Douala.

According to Dragflow, one of the main issues in this area was the high quartz concentration, mostly due to neighboring volcanic activity, which can be extremely abrasive for metal components.

“We have provided our customer two Dragflow electric pumps (EL604B) producing an average of 100 trucks of sand per day,” the Italian producer of dredging equipment said in their announcement.

The pumps are working up to 15m depth (depending on the season) and have started providing a continuous supply of sand to the different construction projects in Douala.

Image source: Dragflow
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