Photo: Courtesy of Inpex

EnergyQuest: COVID-19 hampers Australian May LNG exports

Australian liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports are starting to see the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global oversupply.

EnergyQuest: COVID-19 hampers Australian May LNG exports
Courtesy of Inpex

In its latest monthly report, energy consultancy EnergyQuest, noted the Australian LNG shipments in May were down by seven cargoes when compared to April.

This was due to a lower number of cargoes from Australia Pacific LNG and Ichthys LNG projects.

In May Australian projects shipped 6.4 million tonnes (Mt) (93 cargoes), lower than 6.9 Mt (101 cargoes) in April.

This was the same as the 6.4 Mt (94 cargoes) in May 2019 but during the past month, there has been a marked increase in the number of cargoes that have had their delivery delayed.

EnergyQuest added that the LNG deliveries to China are still holding up. Chinese imports from Australia were 2.8 Mt in April, the highest import levels from Australia on record.

The consultancy noted that both Japan and South Korea imported more Australian LNG on year.

The Gladstone LNG producers had a production surplus in May, with total production from LNG producers 7.8 PJ more than total LNG exports.