Installing miniature offshore wind farm

  • October 28th until October 28th 2020

Wednesday 28 October, 10:30-12:00 – During the online Navingo Career Event


Installing a Miniature Offshore Wind Farm – online skill-session


by DOB Academy


This is an educative serious game, made by DOB-Academy. During the “online installing a miniature wind farm” case, participants will be divided into teams. The teams represent companies interested in building an offshore wind farm. The participants need to use the knowledge from the short lecture given in advance to design and plan the optimal wind farm and installation strategy.

From the layout to the vessel selection, a team needs to make decisions based on installation time, cost, and risk. Keeping in mind the team’s personal preferences.

In the second phase of the case, after a team is faced with dilemmas based on the amount of risk taken, the wind farm needs to be built within the given time frame and budget.


You need to complete your free registration for the Navingo Career Event. Then, you need to send an e-mail to request participation:  [email protected]


Max. amount of participants: 12. This case is in English



Once you receive your confirmation that you can participate in this closed session, you’ll receive a zoomlink to the livestream on the 26th October.

On the 28th October at 10.30 go to the livestream of the DOB-Academy for Installing a Miniature Offshore Wind Farm

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